Tuesday, 31 May 2011

TEA Magazine

1,About Tea

TEA Magazine

2, The effects of the Tea.

TEA Magazine

3,The Tea with desserts.


The aim of this campaign is to promote the use of the extended network of the cycle hire scheme to east London in time for the 2012 Olympics.

2012 The End is Nigh

The theme for this project is the End of the World, and the aim of the project is to explore ways in which animators can make illustrator's work move. The image making, materials and design is directed by the illustrators (young and lucy) the movement, acting and project management is directed by animators (han).


Each of I was given the lyrics of one song(from a rich and varied selection of lyrical unknowns and classics)after extensively researching both the lyrics, listening to the song and the performance I found a way to visually enrich our experience of listening to it.

Wallpaper or Wallpaper

I need to choose one of the types of oppsing behaviors as listed below: introvert/extrovert.